Community Building



Here are some things to think about:

What struggles are important to your community?

Why are these struggles important?

What are some origin narratives around these struggles?

How can you get involved or make a difference?


Save Our Trees

Poster made by youth in the Middle School Paths to Leadership Program, 2007. Download a pdf of this poster


Greening Our Community


Kids and Greening

Giving meaning to the lives of children in the present, while preparing them to be active citizens in a democratic society – Grace Lee Boggs, author of Educate to Govern

We are inspired by Grace Lee Boggs’ vision of education. The projects on this page are examples of how children and youth can be active change-makers. In the process, they learn skills, explore values, and develop the habits of thinking and action of an engaged citizenry.


In the first years of FACTS, we couldn’t do all of things we aspired to do. We wanted to have a recycling program and thought it would be great if youth could start it. The youth from the Middle School Paths to Leadership Program in the summer of 2007 and the students involved in the Club AAU After School Youth Leadership Program during the 2007–08 school year helped to establish recycling at FACTS. Read more about it.


Greening the Reading Viaduct

FACT Charter School is located next to an abandoned elevated railroad track, now known as the Reading Viaduct. Beside the Viaduct are also un-used parcels of land, covered in weeds and trash. FACTS does not have a greenspace close by for its students. These things made AAU consider a long term plan that is still in the works – joining the effort to green the Reading Viaduct and converting some of the spaces behind FACTS into green spaces. The process began with students making observations about the neighborhood around FACTS, discussing and analyzing what could be done, developing a plan and taking action. Read more to find out how things are progressing!